Why Canada Is the 51st Shade of Grey



As the year came closer to an end, a fear of impending doom lingered. Flashing before my eyes 140 characters at a time. After waking from another daydream of our uncertain future, I did what any rational American would do post-election and renewed my passport. A few weeks later, I gained a sense of comfort I’ve been unable to find the past few months. Elated, I booked my first solo trip out the country for the beginning of January.

Consider this, the night before my flight The New York Times released their picks for the 52 top places to visit in 2017. Drumroll please….yours truly was heading to the No. 1 destination!


The Great White North: Canada

Doing Toronto The Right Way

Toronto is cool, like really cool. During the debacle, that was our presidential election it became common to hear opposing views followed by “Go to Canada ya liberal!” which as a response carries no weight. It’s critical that we confront issues rather than deter concerns of injustice. Also, Toronto is awesome. I am confident together we will get through this. At the same time, a weekly plane ticket and Airbnb would put me way over my budget.


 Overall, there’s not one bad thing I would say about Toronto. Yes, it was cold, but you’re cold together. A unity I imagine only forms with a universal thinking your government cares. Add they speak English, accept US dollars, and their clean subways, Toronto is an ideal weekend getaway.


The Only Toronto Resources You Will Ever Need

(1) Graffiti Alley – As a whole the art scene is massive. From murals on buildings to their structure of skyscrapers, everything fits in and it makes sense. You can walk down any back street and stumble upon something great. Looking for an Instagram backdrop? Check the Fashion District.
(2) AGO: Art Gallery of Ontario – Be advised exhibitions may include photographs depicting nudity and sexuality. In other words, step your game up and you can be in one of the biggest art galleries in North America.
(3) Kensington Market – Similar to NYC neighborhoods’ claim “loose lips raise rents” in the race against gentrification. This cultural mecca deserves to be safeguarded. Evident by signs posted in specialty and vintage shops, asking to not take pictures. I’ll leave it at that, a haven for hipsters.
Honorable Mentions:
(4) CN Tower, (5) CF Toronto Eaton Centre, (6) Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Weekend Trip Recommendation: New York City ✈️ Toronto

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